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About Us

To popularize sports & Culture  amongst the youth as a way of life.


To popularize sports & Culture  among the youth as a way of life.

To promote sports & Culture  with special focus on women, differently- abled, tribal, and people from the lower strata.

To promote indigenous & traditional  games in the country.

To identify talent in rural villages, blocks, towns and nurture the identified talent for further grooming to national level.

To raise resources for the promotion of sports & culture.

To provide welfare measures for  culture & sports persons.

To augment sports & Culture infrastructure and ensuring its proper utilization.

To popularize sports & Culture among the youth as a way of life.

To integrate of sports in educational curriculum in school, collage and universities.

Mission & Vision

To make India stand out as a nation of champions, with sport & Culture as in integral ingredient of education. To help India make winning a habit, to encourage sporting talent and to promote and celebrate success across wide range of sport & Culture.

To identify, coordinate and improve use of sports & Culture infrastructure.

To identify resources, support and coaches in each sport. & Culture.

To provide sports talent opportunity to compete in tournaments at all levels.

To arrange for coaching at district, state and national levels.

To build teams at various levels leading up to the international stage.

About Us

Sport & Culture Promotion Federation, India Registered by Firms & Societies Punjab Chandigarh under the ACT xxi 0f 1860 It was established in Twenty two day of November two thousand nineteen now, There are 8 states & their district Affiliated with SCPF India body. like;- Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pardesh, SCPF-India Purpose to promote sports & culture activities all over India by conducting more & more event like District level state National, level Competitions To Giving Certificates & provide a platform where they perform by him self